Studio Corno supports small and medium enterprises in three different areas: corporate consultants and accountants, lawers and professional training. It provides companies with services at national and international level. Services are provided also for no profit companies.

Corporate consultants and accountants

Accountants and corporate consultants have developed a range of service to support companies in every situation. Studio Corno has studied services tailored for the companies that have specific aim at expanding, strengthing or changing their business model in Italy and abroad.
These are the areas of interest:
• Strategic and operative consultancy services;
• Organisational consulting;
• Intergenerational pass downs;
• Business planning;
• Financial consulting;
• Legal advice;
• International consulting.


Studio Corno Avvocati provides its clients with legal services at local, national and transnational levels.
The international and transnational assistance is provided through international networks of professionals: Laword, Connexx and HWW – International.
Areas of interest:
• commercial law;
• Litigation;
• Civil law.

Cis Training

Over more than thirty years Cis, Centro Studi di Impresa, supports companies and professionals with training activities in its headquarter in Valmadrera.
It provides economic and managerial courses thanks to qualified trainers. Cis organizes and realizes programmes tailored to companies demands.
The no profit world is an important part of Cis activity. No profit companies are supported in their training activity by Cis.