Studio Corno works alongside those companies that strive to consolidate and develop their business.

To start with, clients can count on expert tax advice on all aspects of taxation, direct and indirect taxes, and taxation applicable to enterprises, associations, non-profit organisations and individuals.

In addition, they receive tax advice and ongoing support for the more complex problems and, in the event of a tax dispute, assistance at every level of court proceedings.

Other services include:

  • Fiscal check-ups, evaluating the various company policies that may have a fiscal impact, such as investments, recruitment, external collaborations, borrowing of funds and venture capital etc.
  • Study of the best solutions to minimise the fiscal burden;
  • Development of national and international tax planning strategies, functional to corporate development policies and the company’s objectives;

Tax litigation

This is a complex subject, on which Studio Corno has been a reference point for every type of customer for many years, providing:

  • Direct assistance during tax audits, cross-checks, customs checks conducted by the Finance Police and/or Inland Revenue, drafting of pleas aimed at opposing the results of inspections, deductive reports on PAS, pursuant to the Statute of the Taxpayer, instances of investigations with prior adhesion to PAS or any assessment/rectification notices issued;
  • Assistance and representation in meetings at the Inland Revenue offices and related opposing reports as a result of questionnaires and/or invitations made to check the accuracy and adequacy of the figures reported, the consistency of the declared income with the income assessment system (Redditometro).
  • Preparation of recourse/appeals against tax demands of the Inland Revenue (assessment/rectification notices, payment demands, collection activities of non-existent debt etc.) before the Provincial and Regional Tax Commissions, assistance and participation at court hearing through to the final sentence phase.