Since 1994, Studio Corno Avvocati has been providing its clients (companies, individuals and professionals) with a vast range of legal services at local, national and transnational levels, both in and out of court.

Studio Corno Avvocati operates with a group of tight-knit professionals, focusing on the organisational processes that enables it to provide its services with the timeliness and effectiveness required by actual situations, using a comprehensible language, which takes into account the needs of customers also with regard to the fees applied.

The international and transnational assistance – both in court and out of court – is provided via international networks of professionals (Laworld and HWW-International) of which Studio Corno Avvocati is the sole Italian representative.

In acknowledging the value of the interdisciplinary nature and complexity of the economic aspects of enterprises, Studio Corno Avvocati collaborates closely with Studio Corno Commercialisti e Aziendalisti and other leading accounting firms and business consultants; with curators and judicial commissioners at the Courts of Monza, Milan; with other lawyers, notaries and technical experts as well as with business associations.

Studio Corno Avvocati is ranked by the Global Restructuring Review among the top 100 firms in the world that are capable of handling cross-border restructuring and insolvencies.

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