The firm works alongside its clients in developing a plan to conduct simulations on the evolution of the company, based on the following steps:

  • Corporate analysis. Analysis of a company’s industrial and/or commercial process by business line. Study/determination of standard industrial costs Examination of procurement and work flow lead times. Study of commercial activities. Evaluation of bank financing. Study of management cash-flow cycle. Examination of the economic, equity and initial financial situation;
  • Strategic Plan. Identification of the key industrial/commercial project factors proposed by the client entrepreneur. Start-up studies. Research on the acquisition and sale of businesses or business branches. Schematic planning of the new corporate structure. Determination of the timing for business change processes. Definition of economic, financial and equity objectives Drawing up of business plan guidelines.
  • Business Plan. Accurate representation of the company and its prospective performance using software specially created for the development of business plans, the Simulator. Transformation of the business plan guidelines into income statements, balance sheets and cash flow budgets on a monthly basis and for up to ten years. Automatic calculation, in real time, of the income statements, balance sheets and cash flow reports per month. Instant verification of short and medium term cash and bank requirements. Total and instant verification of the sustainability of the company’s strategic plan.
  • Simulations. Definition of business scenarios using the “Simulator” a powerful IT tool. Development of strategic plan variants: best, average and worst case scenarios. Wide range of “what if analysis”. Calculation of the sales and procurement quantities and/or prices needed to achieve a financial balance for the month. Calculation of the break-even point (BEP). Simulation results available in real time. Strategic plan automatically updated for all the economic, equity and financial positions.