Studio Corno Avvocati, also in collaboration with other professionals, provides support in marital relations, also in the presence of spouses of different nationalities. The firm also provides such assistance through family mediators in the proceedings:

– of consensual separation, also implementing assisted negotiation and litigation services;

– related to the termination of the civil effects of marriage (joint divorce, litigation or assisted negotiation);

– related to amendments to conditions of separation and divorce;

– related to the declaration of nullity and annulment of marriage.

Studio Corno Avvocati also provides services for assistance in proceedings related to the adoption of minors, national and international, also by virtue of the collaboration provided to an institution authorised to conduct international adoptions and agreements signed with other bodies.

Finally, Studio Corno Avvocati provides assistance in proceedings pursuant to ascertaining the natural or legal incapacity, temporary or permanent, of private individuals, families, guardians and support administrators.