We work alongside with our clients from the start

People before companies and ideas before solutions. That is why we are committed to our clients small, medium and large  companies, which are decisive for the growth, profitability and relaunch of our country.

Studio Corno has a long-standing and consolidated experience in providing 360° consultancy (corporate, tax, mangement and legal). We work with clients in the private, public and non-profit sectors, operating both nationally and internationally.

We act as a guide for companies, entrepreneurs and professionals, identifying the most valuable opportunities, to address the most complex challenges, achieve strategic goals and transform their businesses. We guarantee an excellent, personalised and added-value consultancy service thanks to a team of professionals who have been supporting companies through all stages of the business life cycle for over 70 years.


Our values

We believe that sound advice and careful attention to details generate and develop relationships that make a positive difference in the lives of our clients.
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We strive not only to meet but to exceed your expectations in every collaboration experience. It’s about doing whatever work is needed, when it is needed. It’s also about being there for you in difficult times, helping you to change things.

We help you answer questions that may arise in the future, fostering and accompanying growth based on financial solidity.
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We consider this role a privilege and we know that it requires constant presence and relentless commitment.

Care means responsibility, constant observation and unwavering commitment. Studio Corno was built generation after generation, through the commitment of its people and thanks to its solid and deeply rooted culture of getting things done.
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A crucial element of the sustainability of our model is the wealth of technical skills, as well as market and customer knowledge that allow us to move from “creating value” to forcefully renewing the “value of creating”.

We help companies think about the future and implement their growth and innovation strategies. We support them in understanding the main transformative trends to develop their way of thinking and acting. We create innovation processes by integrating new technologies with existing and consolidated ones.
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We define a growth path with our clients and prepare tomorrow’s innovators internally, which is crucial for them to grow successfully, creating long-term value.

Our loyalty towards entrepreneurs and professionals, and the trust they place in us every day by choosing us, are the strong core of the lasting relationship that unites us.
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Our goal is to transform our relationship with you into a lasting experience that is consolidated over time.

We believe that “knowledge” is fundamental for organisations to innovate. We are committed to activating knowledge sharing practices, in order to generate sustainable and lasting value.
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We operate with the utmost integrity, supporting our clients in making the best decisions.

How we generate value for companies by putting clients first

The centrality of the our clients is a fundamental value for us.
Our customer-centric culture extends across the organisation, ensuring better service, an excellent experience and maintaining sustainability as a cornerstone.

Our priority is to understand the problem areas, business processes and strategic direction of our clients' business. We have developed our internal organisational structure on an omnichannel model geared to generating high value solutions with a front-end fully integrated with the back-end, focused on the customer and powered by advanced technology.

We work closely with clients and ensure a constant presence, with the right technical and management tools and teams to ensure flexibility, keeping the sustainability of our clients as a fundamental pillar.
Customer Culture Centricity
Team Mrk and Communication
Team Mrk And Communication

Marketing & Communication Team

Our marketing team facilitates the customer contact process and establishes the most effective communication channels throughout the company life cycle. It activates an outgoing flow of information. It spreads a customer-centric culture in all internal areas, ensuring that each individual understands the strategic role that customer satisfaction plays.
It builds relationships with the relevant stakeholders and monitors the market to understand the main transformative trends and help you answer questions that may arise in the future.
team IT
team IT

Information Technology Team

The IT team has a strategic role in identifying and implementing personalised digital transformation processes, a transformation that brings value and competitiveness at the same time. The skills of our IT team will promote digital transformation with data security at its core, allowing you to change and improve your business quickly with a concrete and measurable result and a holistic vision that includes both culture and people.
Front Office e Front desk
Front Office e Front desk

Office & Front Desk Team

The team helps to optimise management processes that contribute to corporate operational management, such as data entry, document and digital archiving, mailing, database and master data management, e-mails, complaints and quality checks.
It identifies and implements tools and activities that optimise the business workflow and improve service performance, in order to predict and resolve any management critical issues in advance.
team amministrazione
team finance

Finance and Administration Team

The team works with a data-centric approach that allows it to provide financial insights on activities that generate value. It promotes the integration of information between the different areas in order to activate digital transformation business models.
In addition to ensuring performance monitoring, it also manages business risks, creating efficiency through automation and rationalisation, as well as fostering the ability to intelligently evaluate data.

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