Smart working

Smart working marks a complete paradigm shift when it comes to employment, because it gives employees great responsibility in terms of results and deadlines, while allowing them more flexibility in how, where and when they work. It is mainly adopted during crises and has proven to bring tangible benefits: to workers, who can be more independent and motivated, easily juggling the work/life balance, with a positive impact on productivity and cost savings; and to the environment, with less traffic and pollution.

Many companies are therefore deciding to use it in an organised way and to equip themselves with contractual and technological tools.

At Studio Corno, we help companies to analyse the production workflow of the various corporate areas, identify the areas where smart working is beneficial and define new ways of working, with the drafting of agreements in line with contractual and legal obligations. With our consultants, you will be able to analyse the workflow, defining correct solutions so that you can adopt smart working at your company.

Our solutions

Workflow analysis

Conducting an organisational analysis, with mapping of the processes, tools and resources used to carry out activities:

  • defining preliminary activities
  • defining the policies
  • identifying the digital technologies
  • employment law consultancy
Drawing up smart working plans

Assistance in drawing up appropriate corporate regulations, with the drafting of the smart working plan and company-level agreement:

  • identifying activities that can be performed remotely
  • redefining processes and defining the new ways of working and the skills required
  • drafting the corporate policy and individual agreements as required by Italian Law 81/2017

Advice on implementing smart working at your company

Digital media and their regulation are key factors of smart working. If you want to adopt structured and secure forms of agile working, your company must first of all be equipped with targeted, flexible solutions: software guaranteeing the highest level of data confidentiality, real-time data updates, and the possibility of interaction and sharing with other individuals within the company. Each employee therefore needs specific training. Our employment consultants examine the specific background of the company while interpreting the legislation, identifying effective solutions in line with the needs and objectives of the company.

We help you define correct privacy procedures and regulate training. We support you in the drafting of internal regulations setting out working hours, use of mobile phones and other rules of conduct with a view to preventing disputes and complaints.

Agile working is subject to the same obligations and disciplinary sanctions as in-person work. Smart working is therefore not exempt from the duties of diligence and confidentiality required for other working arrangements. Our labour consultants are therefore at your disposal to check compliance with company regulations and Italian Law 81/2017, which governs smart working, and to assist you in the event of complaints and disputes.

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