Company valuations

Valuations should take into account a range of evolving rules and regulations, along with approaches, key assumptions and modelling complexities, a company may need them for different purposes: the sale of a company;  the transfer of shares in a company; the formulation of a  fairness opinion on the entry of industrial and financial partners in the share capital; making various kinds of corporate investment choices.

A reasoned and reliable process is a must in order to finalize a good valuation. We will support you in conducting analyses and carrying out valuation processes of various kinds, for different decision-making purposes.The valuation services area also includes the drawing up of economic, financial and asset plans and the business planning service for various purposes, such as financial transactions or raising equity and debt capital.

What we do for you

Our expert valuation professionals support you with an interdisciplinary approach in the various corporate and valuation aspects.


Sharing of valuation objectives with the client, to agree on the valuation purposes with them.


Collection and analysis of the financial data needed to carry out the valuation.


Drawing up of the business plan, required as a tool for making valuation estimates.


Valuation estimate elaboration in line with the purpose, with reference to a transaction or for raising equity or debt capital.

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Determining the value of your company and its unrealised economic values is an important economic and commercial element of your extraordinary transactions.

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