Corporate Governance

Experience has shown us that one of the most strategic consulting needs for companies is management and organisational consulting, as well as corporate governance consulting.

Governance is about how enterprises are run and controlled and is fundamental for the dynamic sustainability of companies, as well as a driving force to improve their performance.

The adoption of an appropriate governance structure is particularly important in non-listed family-run companies, or family businesses.

Their management involves making decisions not only on behalf of the owners, but also in the family’s name, reconciling the interests and fortunes of the business with those of the family itself, to avoid any complications in terms of governance.

In entrepreneurial businesses, working on governance means markedly improving the operation of management, ensuring business continuity.

Our services

Corporate governance
  • Corporate bodies
  • Corporate groups
  • Handover to the next generation and family business strategy
  • Organisational, administrative and accounting structure (pursuant to article 2086 of the Italian Civil Code)
  • Model 231 (Organisation and Management model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001)
  • Privacy and technological risk management

The benefits of adopting suitable governance

Corporate governance processes aim to help improve the management and control of companies by adequately defining an organic structure of governance, mechanisms and operating rules for strategic, management and control processes.

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We advocate an appropriate governance model, based on a solid system of guiding values and on a clear and practical set of rules, which fosters the company’s ability to nurture innovative ideas and translate them into concrete operational designs.


Creating economic value in the medium to long-term.


Minimising the risks to which the business is exposed.


Balancing the interests of shareholders, workers and the external environment.


Corporate Governance System

Studio Corno’s corporate governance professionals will assist you in a host of areas of specialisation in tax, employment law and legal matters, offering integrated services that also draw on the expertise of two international networks.

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We define the organisational and corporate governance structures, providing technical support in the “design” phase of the role and operation of the management and supervisory bodies and their relationship with corporate departments. We provide assistance in the preparation of the “corporate governance plan”, in the identification of members of the corporate bodies and in the periodic “self-assessment process”.

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