Designing a management control system

The aim of management control is to guide management towards the achievement of the company’s objectives set during the strategic business planning stage, making sure that the economic resources and production factors available to the company are employed effectively and efficiently in line with the objectives set.  By measuring specific indicators (KPIs), management control identifies deviations between objectives planned and those achieved, so that entrepreneurs and company managers can implement appropriate corrective actions in a timely manner.

These days, all companies – even SMEs – need to anticipate future developments in management, by introducing governance, monitoring and assessment tools and preparing suitable countermeasures against the potentially negative consequences of particular events.

It is therefore necessary to plan development and create a flexible budgeting system.

Our services

Management control
  • Design and implementation of management planning and control system
  • Budgeting
  • Introduction of budgeting systems and management reporting
  • Design of cost accounting systems (product costs, direct, full and activity-based costing
  • Business portfolio analysis
  • Financial analysis and planning
  • Strategic planning (business plan)


Equipping your company with a management control system means being supported on an advisory and technical level to gain a better understanding of.

The business and the organisation in which the company operates.

The identification of performance measurements.

The structure and functioning of the processes.

How we do it

 Fase 1: Business analysis
  • Detailed analysis of the company’s position, by pinpointing its primary and secondary processes, and the critical factors on which the creation of value for the company depends.
  • Verification of operating procedures already in place within the company in the area of management control and cost accounting, identification of critical issues and weaknesses.
  • Verification of the company’s data collection and analysis systems and of support tools.

On completion of these activities and based on the objectives defined with the Management, a work plan shall be drawn up with the actions deemed necessary.

Fase 2: Design and Construction of the new control model
  • Relationship between general accounting and cost accounting
  • Management-based reclassification of the financial statements
  • Classification of revenues and expenses (variable, fixed, direct, indirect, etc.) and related criteria for allocation and distribution to departments and business areas.
  • Identification of the most suitable costing systems for your company
  • Methods for calculating contribution margins, standard costs, final costs
  • Definition of performance indicators and frequency of measurement
  • Definition of budget structure
  • Measurement of the various parameters and indicators, analysis of deviations, historical trends and forecasts and comparison with the budget
  • Preparation of business reporting using the “Tableau de Bord” tool and the “Balanced Scorecard” system
Fase 3: Assistance and Reporting

In this step, we assist entrepreneurs and management with the operational development of the activities set in step 2, personalising the actions to adapt them to each different company.

The process

Studio Corno gives advices and support in designing and building a structured business performance Planning and Control process, by introducing a “management by objectives” model.

This planning system is not limited to the purely economic aspects (revenues and expenses), but also covers the financial aspects of management (cash flow budgeting).

Starting with your monthly profit and loss budget, our professionals will help you forecast your company's cash flow trend, to verify developments in financial needs and plan suitable coverage, as well as to evaluate the feasibility of planned investments.
management control
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Well-structured management control allows management to control the efficiency and operational effectiveness of the processes and to keep profitability under control.

Translate your company’s mission and strategy into a coherent set of performance measurements, making them easier to assess.

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