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The business plan is a management tool that has become increasingly important over recent years: it is a structured, future-oriented document summarising the contents and characteristics of a business project.The business plan or business development plan is a tool used by management for a number of fundamental purposes, which may coexist. Its main aim is to guide management and the key roles in the implementation of the business strategy. The company’s entire “management system” (budgeting, reporting, performance evaluation, etc.) revolves around the business plan.

It also enables the fulfilment of requirements of external entities, typically lenders for investment projects undertaken by a company already operating or by a start-up. It is a way of providing third parties with information, to obtain capital from them or other methods of involvement in the company’s management.

As well as having these fundamental aims, the business plan is also a necessary tool whenever the economic valuation of a company or its parts is required, for example for extraordinary transactions, such as acquisitions, transformations and mergers. Conducting an analysis aimed at designing and planning a new activity, is a complex and delicate operation.

Sound methodology and experience are therefore critical in formulating the business plan in a truly sustainable manner.

Our professionals offer support to companies that need to develop a business plan, a structured, future-oriented document summarising the contents and characteristics of a business project.

Multi-year experience in the field of management consulting and the skills of our individual accountants enable us to support SMEs and start-ups, both for internal planning purposes and effective and transparent communication with external stakeholders.

Our services

In the area of business plans and business development plans, our professionals help entrepreneurs and managers prepare and analyse their business plan, by carrying out the following activities.
Business plan
  • Analysis of the future and development scenarios for the business model
  • Evaluation of an existing organisational model
  • Support in drawing up a plan for debt restructuring operations and extraordinary transaction

Why write a business plan?


Develop new business ideas and projects.


Plan and ensure a strategic and operational approach to business management and control.


Discover and access forms of financing.


Define the economic value of the company for M&A transactions.

A business plan that responds to your needs

1. Business plan for LAUNCHING new business ideas and projects

This is for start-ups and companies needing initial capital to set up their business and verify whether the business project actually creates value for the company. These start-ups and companies need to submit an effective business plan to lenders or banks in order to obtain funds and successfully launch their project.

2. Business plan for EXPANDING your business

This is for companies wishing to expand their business by creating a new division or developing a new line of business, or for those intending to launch an internationalisation process or draw up an investment and financial plan.  They therefore require a comprehensive business plan showing the outlook of future economic performance and financial results over the desired time frame and allowing prediction of any critical issues so as to implement the necessary corrective measures.

3. Business plan for CONTROL and improvement of your business

This is for companies that would like a control document drawn up by professional experts, to be used for continual monitoring of alignment with the business strategy and achievement of the business objectives. Analysing the economic and financial data and assessing (including through simulations) the consequences of the various strategic, organisational, financial, production and commercial choices. And all this is done with reference to the medium- and long-term.


Contacts our experts

Business plan consulting for the start-up, growth and planned, risk-free development of your business.

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