Mergers and acquisitions

Merger and acquisition transactions – M&A – represent a key tool that transforms the way business is done, enabling companies to enter new markets and reach new customers, increasing their market share and expanding their portfolios, as well as acquiring know-how and key talent. All acquisitions are based on the common goal of adding value to the transformed entity.

We support you in external growth processes, thanks to the comprehensive and integrated assistance provided by our professionals.  Such processes call for consultants with expertise in identifying and evaluating target companies for mergers or acquisitions, as well as in handling the negotiation aspects of the transaction’s financial and general contractual terms right up until closing.

Studio Corno’s professionals have a wealth of experience in the area of tax check-up and due diligence activities, in the assessment of the correct application of tax rules, evaluation of the suitability of a company’s internal auditing, identification of hidden tax risks affecting the business and optimisation of the tax burden of extraordinary transactions carried out.

I nostri servizi

Fusioni e acquisizioni
  • Screening e analisi dei potenziali target e selezione del target
  • Elaborazione del business plan stand alone e aggregato
  • Stima valutativa del capitale economico dell’azienda del cliente e della controparte
  • Gestione della due diligence finanziaria, fiscale, contabile, legale, ecc.
  • Gestione della trattativa negoziale fino al closing dell’operazione

Managing mergers and acquisitions

We offer you assistance in the following stages of the transaction:

1. Analysis and sharing of the company’s external growth strategy, identification of the acquisition target or entity for a merger following screening agreed on with you, which will identify a list of potential alternative targets.

2. Drawing up of an estimate of the share swap values in the event of a merger, based on the drafting of a stand-alone and combined business plan, or of the target in the event of an acquisition.

3. Management by your side throughout the various stages of negotiations, coordinating the figures involved in the negotiating process within and outside the company and attending to the necessary due diligence activities for the transaction.

4. Help negotiating the contractual terms of the merger or acquisition of the identified target, up until signing and closing, with the related notarial acts as required.

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