Studio Corno Avvocati has gained significant experience since its establishment, in providing crisis management support to enterprises in addressing such situations, aimed at achieving corporate restructuring, also by means of turnaround or liquidation operations. This activity is carried out on an out-of-court basis or exploiting the instruments provided by the legal system in force (restructuring agreements and arrangements with creditors).

Studio Corno Avvocati assists third parties, including foreigners, who are interested in acquisitions of enterprises and other corporate assets of enterprises operating in crisis conditions.

The firm regularly addresses business crisis law matters at an international and transnational level, and also in the application of the provisions of EC Regulation 1346/2000. In this context, Giorgio Corno has developed an important network of contacts that make it possible to address issues relating to businesses requiring insolvency administration all over the world. To this end, it is the only Italian representative of the European network of professionals in the business crisis restructuring and insolvency administration sector called HWW International (www.hww. eu/en/about-us/hww-international), in addition to being a member in many international associations, also of an academic kind, on business crisis restructuring and insolvency administration aspects.