Call For Growth “The Future of Legal, Tax, and Accounting” is now open!

The CallForGrowth, created by Cariplo Factory, Microsoft and realized in collaboration with Studio Corno, an international accounting and legal firm, wants to support the innovative startups in the legal, accounting and financial fields. In particular is looking for:

  • Legal: operations and services for business and individuals (compliance, GDPR, etc.)
  • Accounting & Tax: processes and services concerning the ordinary and extraordinary management of companies (accounting and invoicing, expense account, HR) and fiscal services for individuals.
  • Collaboration Tools: optimize the communication between the company and clients, simplify the corporate communication, and manage information and documents.
  • Security: services and tools to protect sensitive data.

The interested startups must be in the post-seed phase, between the 5-8 Technology Readiness Level and they must apply until October 14th!

All the selected startups will be invited to the selection day on November 20th in Milan and the winner will receive 30,000 euro in legal, accounting or fiscal services sponsored by Studio Corno.

The future of Legal, Tax and Accounting is a great opportunity to be selected by growtTup for Fondo Indaco (CV 200 million).