Prime Ministerial Decree 11/3/2020

12 March 2020

Hereby, the highlights of the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 11 March relating to # covid19.

Measures taken:
1. Suspension of retail trade activities,
– food and basic necessities sales activities identified in Annex 1,
in the following areas:
– neighborhood businesses,
– medium and large retailers, including those in shopping centres, provided that access is allowed only to the above mentioned activities
– markets (limited to activities aimed at the sale of foodstuffs only)
– newsstands,
– tobacconists,
– pharmacies,
– parapharmacies.
In any case, the 1 meter interpersonal safety distance must be guaranteed.
– markets, with reference to activities other than the sale of foodstaff only, regardless of the type of activity carried out

2. Suspension of food service activities (including bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlours, pastry shops),
– canteens
– continuous catering on a contractual basis, which guarantees the interpersonal safety distance of one meter.
– catering with home delivery in compliance with health and hygiene regulations for both packaging and transport.
– food and beverage services in service and refuelling areas located along the road and motorway network and inside railway stations, airports, lakes and hospitals, guaranteeing the interpersonal safety distance of one metre.
3. Suspension of activities related to personal services (including hairdressers, barbers, beauticians).
Exception (all.2):
– Laundry and cleaning of textile and fur products
– Industrial Laundries
– Other laundries, dyeworks
– Funeral services and related activities

4. Activities and services guaranteed, in compliance with health and hygiene regulations,
– banking services,
– financial services,
– insurance services
– activities in the agricultural, livestock and agri-food processing sector including the supply chains that provide goods and services.

5. Transport services
– Transport provided by local public transport companies, including non-scheduled public transport companies
– The President of the Region may make provision for planning, aimed at reducing and eliminating services on the basis of actual needs and for the sole purpose of ensuring the minimum essential services.

– Interregional car services and rail, air and sea transport services
– The Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, in agreement with the Minister for Health, may arrange reductions and abolitions, on the basis of actual needs and for the sole purpose of ensuring the minimum essential services.

6. Services offered by Public Administrations
– public administrations
– ensure the ordinary performance of the work of its employees in an agile manner, also in derogation of the individual agreements and information obligations pursuant to Articles 18 to 23 of Law no. 81 of 22 May 2017, and
– identify the undeferrable assets to be rendered in presence.
– without prejudice to the provisions of Article 1, paragraph 1, letter e) of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 8 March 2020 (periods of parental leave and holidays) and
– without prejudice to activities strictly functional to emergency management,

7. Production and professional activities

a. make maximum use of agile working arrangements for activities that can be carried out at home or remotely;
b. provide incentives for employees:
– holidays
– paid leave as well as
– other instruments provided for in collective bargaining;
c. suspend the activities of company departments not essential to production;
d. Anti-contagion security:
– assume specific protocols
– adopt personal protective equipment, where it is not possible to respect the 1 meter interpersonal distance as the main containment measure;
e. encourage workplace sanitization operations, also using forms of social shock absorbers for this purpose;

for productive activities only
8. recommendations:
– Limit travel within the sites as much as possible, and
– Limit access to the common areas;
9. agreements between employers’ and trade union organisations
– to be favoured in relation to above provisions under numbers 7 and 8 for all non-suspended activities
10. call for maximum use of agile working modes.

1. The provisions of this Decree shall take effect on 12 March 2020 and shall be effective until 25 March 2020.
2. The measures referred to Prime Ministerial Decree 8/3/2020 and Prime Ministerial Decree 9/3/2020 shall cease to have effect from the date on which the provisions of this Decree take effect.
3. The provisions of this Decree shall apply to the Special Statute Regions and the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano in so far as they are compatible with their respective statutes and implementing rules.

Annex 1

– Hypermarkets
– Supermarkets
– Food Discount
– Minimarkets and other non-specialised miscellaneous grocery stores
– Retail of frozen products
– Retail trade in non-specialised stores of computers, peripherals, telecommunications equipment, audio and video consumer electronics, household appliances
– Retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco in specialised stores (ATECO codes: 47.2)
– Retail sale of automotive fuel in specialised stores
– Retail sale of computer and telecommunications equipment (ICT) in specialised stores (ATECO code: 47.4)
– Retail sale of hardware, paints, flat glass and electrical and thermo-hydraulic equipment
– Sanitary ware retail trade
– Lighting retail trade
– Retail of newspapers, magazines and periodicals
– Pharmacies
– Retail sale of non-prescription medicines in other specialised stores
– Retail sale of medical and orthopaedic goods in specialised stores
– Retail sale of perfumery, toiletries and personal care products
– Retail trade of small pets
– Retail of optics and photography equipment
– Retail sale of domestic and heating fuel
– Retail trade of soaps, detergents, polishing products and similar products
– Retailing of any type of product via the Internet
– Retail sale of any type of product on television
– Retailing of any type of mail order product, radio, telephone
– Trade by means of vending machines

Annex 2
Services for individuals

– Laundry and cleaning of textile and fur products
– Activities of industrial laundries
– Other laundries, dyeworks
– Funeral services and related activities

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